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Enjoy a Bonaire sunset dinner cruise

­­­­One of our favorite ways to end the day is on a sunset dinner cruise with Melisa Sailing. Whenever possible, we take our visitors to Bonaire on this evening cruise, and we always recommend it to our Bonaire travel clients. There’s nothing better than kicking back on the boat with some great wine, good company, and delicious food.

The Melisa Sailing

This is not any boat! The Melisa is a 50ft, wooden Turkish gullet schooner featuring two masts with three sails and plenty of teak decking perfect for lounging on. The decks have been decorated with Persian tapestries, lounging cushions, and other decorations creating a very comfortable setting for your evening cruise. Modifications have been made to the ship to incorporate a chef’s kitchen and has created a restaurant at sea. When The Melisa isn’t out sailing, you can find her moored at Harbor Village Marina, Kralendijk Bonaire, on the 1st roadside dock near the yellow lighthouse.

The Sunset Dinner Cruise

During this 4 hour trip, you sail around Bonaire, seeing it from a different perspective than a dive boat or flying into Bonaire. The cruise begins with you getting comfy on the cushions, basking in the sun, sipping on wine, enjoying the lounge atmosphere, and talking to your friends and fellow cruise passengers.

While you’re enjoying the views, turquoise waters, sunset and maybe some dolphins, the ship’s team are preparing the delicious 6 course chefs tasting menu. This Caribbean inspired menu features freshly caught local fish combined with the best local, regional and international products.

Where can you find more information about Melisa Sailing?

You can find more information about the sunset dinner cruise and Melisa Sailing on their website and plenty of photos and comments on Instagram @Melisa.sailing. Besides the sunset dinner cruise, Melisa Sailing also offers a private charter if you’re interested in having the whole boat to yourself. It would be perfect for a large group get together.

Enjoy some of our sunset cruise photos and don't forget to try the dinner cruise out for yourself next time you're in Bonaire.


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