Cruising into Bonaire

Best time to visit

Bonaire is dry most of the year with the average air temperature of 82C Fahrenheit and 75% humidity. The water temperature is on average 80F, and the annual rainfall is 22” per year. The evenings are lovely and cool. Bonaire a great destination any time of the year.  

  • Bonaire is located outside the hurricane belt.

  • The high season for tourists is Dec 15th to April 14th.

  • The low season is April 15th to Dec 14th.

  • Windy season is May to August, moderate winds between January to April.

  • The rainy season is November to January


Time Zone

Bonaire is Atlantic Standard Time (AST). Bonaire does not change time for daylight savings.


Medical facilities

Bonaire has a main hospital and ambulance service for emergencies. The emergency phone number is 911.



Most hotels, resorts and restaurants offer free WiFi to customers. 


Money and currency

The official currency of Bonaire is USD.  Credit cards are widely accepted. Carry your passport or other ID with a picture on it for identification. You might be asked to present it for some transactions. ATM’s are available 24 hours at several banks in Kralendijk. Standard banking hours are 8am to 3.30pm.


Visa and passport requirements

You need a valid passport to enter Bonaire and it needs to remain valid for the duration of your visit. US citizens must have a return or ongoing ticket.

Most visitors from other countries do not require a visa to enter Bonaire. You can find out your country's visa requirements at Netherlands Worldwide. Visitors from the USA do not require a visa to enter Bonaire.


Bonaire’s power is 127 volts, 50 Hz. Some resorts have 220 volts. American appliances are 110V, 60 Hz so some appliances may require a transformer. Please note that both European standard and US standard outlet connections are available in many Bonaire buildings, but it won’t be clear what voltage each outlet is running. Please check before using any of them.

It’s a good idea to travel with a surge protector  as power surges and brownouts are not uncommon on Bonaire. 


Food and Supermarkets

The main supermarkets in Kralendijk are Van den Tweek and Warehouse, you’ll find them well stocked. Besides the large supermarkets there are mini-marts dotted around town. 

Dining options range from fast food to expensive dining and cater for all type of cuisine. 

The drinking water on Bonaire is distilled and purified, and safe to drink.

Shopping hours

The main shopping hours are between 8am/9am to 6pm/7pm Monday through Saturday. Note, many close for 1 to 2 hours at lunch time and may have much shorter hours on a Sunday, for example 11am to 2pm. 


Additional information about Bonaire can be found at Bonaire Tourism