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How to get around Bonaire

We recommend you rent a car while you’re on Bonaire. This gives you the freedom to explore the island at your leisure. Bonaire is one of the world’s top shore diving destinations, so the ability to transport yourself from one dive spot to another is great.  You'll also want to explore Bonaire while you're here and do activities such as kayak in the mangroves, visit the donkey sanctuary and check out the windsurfing. 


Popular rental vehicles are double cab pick-up trucks and most are stick shift. If you are requiring a rental car during busy seasons, it’s advisable to book early. There are a limited number of automatic vehicles available. Other vehicle options are motorcycles, scooters, golf carts, quads, and bicycle rentals. Taxis are also available.

In Bonaire, you drive on the right-hand side of the road and international road signs apply. The speed limit is 60 kms/hr outside urban areas and 40 kms/hr inside urban areas. As well as pedestrians and cyclists, drivers need to be careful of donkeys and goats on the roadways.

We can help you arrange your vehicle requirements for your Bonaire visit. Check out the great dive and drive packages available here.

Bonaire road
Bonaire donkeys
Bonaire road

Bonaire visitor tip: We recommend you hire a car to have the freedom to explore the island.

Visiting additional locations

If you want to visit Aruba, Venezuela, or Curacao, please note that there are no ferry services.  Air travel between these locations is the only form of transport. It is possible to charter a private boat as a personal tour if you are interested. 


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