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Flying over Bonaire

How to get to Bonaire

You can fly to Bonaire into Flamingo International Airport which services local and international flights.


There are a number of flights into Bonaire from North America

  • United has direct flights from Newark and Houston.

  • Delta Airlines provide direct flights from Atlanta.

  • American Airlines have direct flights from Miami.

  • Short flights to Bonaire are available from Curaçao and Aruba. 

For flight availability and flights from destinations other than North America, please get in touch.

Further information is available at Flamingo International Airport

For more information on flight connections from the USA you can check here:

American Airlines

Aruba Airlines

Delta Airlines

United Airlines


Bonaire Visitor Entry Tax

Please note that effective 1st July, 2022 all non-residents and visitors to Bonaire are required to pay a mandatory Visitor Entry Tax. You can find out more about the Visitor Entry tax here.

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