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 Bay of Islands, Honduras, 7 nights

Scuba Dive Trip With Mandy and Jason

​Departing 2nd March, 2024

Pricing from $2595 per person plus flights

Join Mandy and Jason on a 7 night liveaboard charter in the Bay of Islands of Honduras. Onboard the Roatan Aggressor you’ll explore the Bay of Islands, Honduras, made up of Roatan, Utila and Guanaja. The islands are alongside the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef System, the second longest barrier reef in the world and is a world renowned diving mecca. On this diving tour you’ll get to experience dramatic sheer cliffs, stunning reefs teeming with marine life, shipwrecks, pinnacles, vertical walls, lava tunnels, and a diverse range of fish and marine life.


Departure Date

  • 2nd March 2024

  • A selection of cabins available

Bookings: Email Mandy at

Roatan dive site
Roatan Aggressor
Roatan dive site


  • Master Stateroom $2895 pp

  • Deluxe Stateroom $2695 pp

  • Twin Stateroom $2595 pp

Master Stateroom
Deluxe Stateroom
Twin Stateroom
Roatan Aggressor

Room Details


  • There are 9 staterooms. Maximum of 18 passengers.


Master Stateroom

  • A queen bed with a private head and shower, individual climate control, monitor with media player USB/110v outlet and hair dryer. No port hole. 

  • Room Size: 11' x 10' feet

  • Room 1

  • Queen bed 53 x 75 inches


Deluxe Stateroom

  • The Deluxe has a double bottom bed and single top bunk bed with a private head and shower, port hole, individual climate control, monitor with media player, USB/110v outlet and hair dryer.

  • Room Size: 8' 6" X 6' 8"
  • Rooms – 4,5,6,7,8 &9
  • Top Single: 30" x 84"
  • Double: 53"x 73"


Twin Stateroom

  • Twin Staterooms have two twin bunk style beds each with a private head and shower, port hole, individual climate control, monitor with media player, USB/110v outlet and hair dryer.

  • Room Size: 7' x 6' 2"
  • Rooms 2 and 3

  • Top Single: 30' x 84"

  • Bottom Single: 43" x 73"

Dive Itinerary - Roatan, Bay Islands of Honduras


The Roatan dive sites are the best of the Bay Islands. These islands are Honduras' brightest jems offering divers sheer walls, beautiful shallow reefs, spectacular wrecks and offshore sea mounts. These pristine sea mounts represent a Caribbean frontier rarely explored by divers. Here are some of the areas the Roatan Aggressor will visit.

Roatan Aggressor Map

Mary’s Place – One of the most famous dive sites off of the south side of Roatan, Mary’s Place has a lush reef with crevasses and tunnels running through it that provide great photo opportunities.

Taviana’s Wall - Lots of turtles are found here and this site makes a great night dive with octopus, crabs and lobsters.

Wreck of the Aguila- This wreck is home to 15 - 20 large Groupers and a big blue Parrot Fish, as well as a big green Moray Eel that is always willing to come out and play.

Odyssey Wreck - This freighter is Roatan’s largest wreck measuring 300 feet long, 50 feet wide, and 85 feet tall. It is one of the largest wrecks in the Caribbean.

Sea Mount

Coco’s Sea Mount - Coco’s beauty is in the mix of coral and good visibility that divers always enjoy. The ocean floor rises from hundreds of feet to only 40 feet from the surface. These sea mounts are far from Utila and Roatan, therefore, they are rarely visited by day boat divers.


Black Hills – A favorite among all divers, you can count on seeing schools of Creole Wrasse, Atlantic Spadefish, Horse-eye Jack and Southern Sennets at this seamount, along with Scorpionfish, Toadfish and the rare Frog Fish. A resident turtle appears unafraid of divers, as do the Barracuda. Large pelagic fish can be spotted here, such as Manta Rays, Marlin, and sharks including the big boy himself, the Whale Shark!

Duppy Waters – A coral garden begins beneath the boat at 20 feet, with walls sloping off into the blue. Eagle Rays, stingrays, octopus and schools of Creole Wrasse and Blue Tang are in abundance.

CJ’s Drop-off - This is one for the deep dive enthusiast. Spiny Caribbean Lobster, Golden Tail Moray and schools of Jack are plentiful.

Raggedy Cay – This popular site begins at 30 feet and falls away to 130 feet, with Majestic Eagle Rays swooping by and Hawksbill Turtles munching away on soft corals. Octopus can be found around the sand channels along the coral garden as well as Spotted Morays.

Old Bank – This is a very nice shallow dive site, where the rare Elkhorn Coral flourishes and smaller critters, like the Fringed Filefish and Caribbean Reef Squid, can be seen along the walls. In the sandy areas, the allusive Yellowhead Jawfish can be spotted peering out of its hole.

Cannery Bank – Here’s a prime opportunity to witness large pelagic fish that roam the open waters. There are logs of vibrant color on the mounts, beginning at 25 feet and sloping to 110 feet.

Jack Neil Point – Sand, walls and individual coral heads make this a must dive. Long snout Seahorse, Large-eye Toadfish, Flying Gurnards, and octopus make this one of the area’s best night dives.

Halliburton Wreck – Sunk in 1998, this artificial reef begins at 65 feet with the wheelhouse and continues down to the vessel bottom at 100 feet. Green Morays, Spotted Drum, Yellowline Arrow Crabs, Channel Clinging Crabs and Bearded Fire Worms are usually seen on this exceptional deep dive, as well as the occasional Porcupine Fish and Pipefish.

Hawksbill Bank – The Roatan Aggressor is one of a few that visit this seamount beginning at 40 feet and sloping down to 80 feet. Bluebell tunicates are in abundance, and the rare Fingerprints can also be found. A resident Hawksbill turtle gives the site its name.

Cayos Cochinos

Toon Town- Known for its macro life, this dive off Cayos Cochinos is jam-packed with big clumps of bluebell tunicates, small crabs and flamingo tongue cowries, among a long laundry list of headliners from the tinier marine kingdoms.

Pelican Point - Every kind of reef fish imaginable, including French and queen angelfish, butterfly fish, tangs, and parrotfish. On the outside of the reef, you may see sharks and barracuda patrolling.

*The exact route and sites visited are subject to change based on local regulations, guest experience, weather and logistics, and is at the Captain’s discretion.


Sample Itinerary:
Saturday - Boarding: 3:30 pm - 6:00 pm
Sunday - Thursday: Eat, Sleep & Dive (up to 5 dives are offered each day)
- Sun: Roatan (West End of Roatan)
- Mon: Roatan (West End or South side Roatan)

- Tues: Seamounts & Cayos Cochinos
- Wed: Utila
- Thurs: Utila/Roatan
Friday - Roatan (West End or South side Roatan) for two dives, lunch then return to dock, sunset cocktail party/dinner ashore
Saturday: 8 am Check Out

The Roatan Aggressor IV

The Roatan Aggressor IV is a 120 ft.  power yacht with a 22 ft. wide beam. Built and powered for comfort, safety and stability, she is diesel-powered, cruises at 10 knots and has 110-volt power onboard. Accommodations include 1 master stateroom with a queen bed, 8 deluxe staterooms; 7 having a double and single berth, and one having 2 twin beds. All staterooms have climate controls, private bathrooms and showers. The Roatan Aggressor sleeps 18 guests in privacy and comfort. She features a roomy, air conditioned salon and dining area, sun deck complete with a hot tub, lounge and deck chairs, outdoor sound system, shaded cocktail deck, grill, a computer  for photo editing for guests.


Diving amenities include Nitrox (unlimited Nitrox is $100 per week), individual dive lockers, camera table with low-pressure air hoses, and two hot, fresh water showers on the dive platform. The Roatan Aggressor has a safe aboard to store valuables such as passports, cash, credit cards or anything else you would like to store. 

Roatan Aggressor
Roatan Aggressor
Roatan Aggressor
Roatan Aggressor
Roatan Aggressor
Roatan Aggressor

Dive Information

  • Diving begins Sunday morning and ends Friday around noon when the Aggressor returns to port.

  • Average of up to 27 dives on 7 night charters including night dives.

  • 3-5 mm wetsuit recommended

  • Average water temperatures: 78-84F, 25-28C (summer) 75–80F, 24-27C (winter, with possible 72F, 22C drop in January)

  • All dives are from the yacht. A dive tender is available for shore excursions.

Roatan Aggressor
Roatan Aggressor
Scuba Oxygen Tank

Yacht Specifications

Built and maintained to the specifications of the local regulatory agencies and the regulations of the country of the flag.


  • Length: 120 ft.

  • Beam: 21

  • Passengers: 18

  • Staterooms: 9

Deck Plan

Roatan Aggressor layout

What is included

  • All meals, snacks and beverages are included.

  • Average of up to 27 dives on 7 night charters including night dives.

What is not included


  • Airfare to the Honduras not included*

  • Travel insurance**

  • Staff gratuities***

  • Port/Park fee $145pp USD - collected onboard in cash.

  • Fuel surcharge $150pp  USD - collected onboard in cash.


* Mandy can arrange and book all your pre and post cruise travel requirements.

** Travel insurance is highly recommended. Mandy can provide insurance options.

***Tipping is voluntary and based on the service the staff has provided you.  The Manager will provide envelopes for gratuities upon settling your account at the end of the week.  Gratuities are shared equally among all staff. All Aggressors accept cash, Visa, and MasterCard payments for gratuities. 

Additional information

  • Boarding: Saturday 3:30 p.m.

  • Check out: Saturday 8 a.m.

  • Port: French Harbor, Roatan, Honduras
  • 3-5 mm wetsuit recommended

  • Average water temperatures: 78-84F, 25-28C (summer) 75–80F, 24-27C (winter, with possible 72F, 22C drop in January)

  • All onboard purchases including courses, boutique, etc. will incur a 19% VAT tax. The yacht accepts MC/Visa and cash.

  • Please read the following documentation from Aggressor - Know Before You Go

Roatan diving
Roatan diving
Roatan diving


Q - How do we book this?

A -  Please get in touch with Mandy at

Q - Can you book everything we need for this trip?

A - Yes, we can book airfares, accommodation and anything else you may want to do before and after your dive trip.

Q - Is insurance necessary?

A - Yes, we highly recommend you get insurance.

Q - What insurance options are available?

A - We can provide you with a policy that will cover you if you are sick and can’t travel at the time of the cruise, this will give you back 100% of your monies paid with medical certificate from Doctor, there are also other conditions that this policy pays on. A Policy will be provided with all the conditions for you. Your age and the cost of your cabin determines this cost.

Cancel for Any Reason Insurance is also possible, but this insurance must be purchased at time of deposit. It will cover you at 80% of the money you have paid out, but it will allow you to cancel for Any Reason. Your age and the cost of your cabin determines this cost. This is more slightly expensive that the medical insurance coverage above.

Roatan diving
Roatan diving
Roatan diving
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