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Hate travel planning? Use a travel agent

Organizing your own travel is time-consuming and difficult, especially with constant changes due to covid. There’s a lot to sort out including flights, accommodation, activities, covid tests and packing. In addition to booking your requirements, you need to constantly monitor the changing travel environment and the airlines are changing their schedules all the time, so keeping on top of all those things is required in today’s travel world.

Unexpected changes to travel schedules, airline, and country requirements require constant monitoring.

There is a way to avoid most of this hassle, and that’s taking advantage of the services provided by an experienced travel agent. Unfortunately, you’ll still have to do your own packing. We can’t do that for you.

Note not all travel agents offer the same services, for example, some can’t book your flights. They must use the services of a third party for that portion of your booking. This is not a problem that we have at Bespoke Journeys where we can book everything you need for your trip.

A one stop shop travel agent is what you need, someone who can provide you with all the travel services you require.

You would think that the amount of time and effort required for planning a client’s trip would cost quite a bit of money, however we do not charge service fees. The itineraries we organize are complimentary to you because we get paid by the suppliers we use. Yes, we don’t do this for free. This is a full-time job for us, but we are not charging you fees. This is our profession, and we are here to help you every step of the way.

Booking fees can be an additional travel cost. We choose not to charge them.

Another benefit of using a travel agent is ensuring all aspects of your trip have been considered. A good travel agent will make sure that you’re aware of all the travel restrictions and potential issues before booking your trip. In addition, they should encourage you to get the right travel insurance and keep you up to date with travel requirements such as covid testing.

How do you find a good travel agent? A referral from someone you know who has used a travel agent is often good. If you don’t have that, ask to speak to some of their travel clients for more information. Travel isn’t cheap, so you want to make sure you are booking with a reputable travel agent.

We rely on word-of-mouth referrals. Make sure you do your homework before booking with a travel agent.

Once you have used a travel agent, you will wonder how you ever got on without one. Travel planning is an invaluable service, one that we provide every day and have done so for 30+ years.

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