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*****  SOLD OUT  *****

Best of Maldives, 7 nights

Scuba dive trip with Mandy and Jason

Departing May 2023

Pricing from $2580 per person plus flights

Join Mandy and Jason on a 7 night liveaboard charter in the beautiful Maldives. The Maldives is a tropical paradise in the middle of the Indian Ocean that offers divers the opportunity to see larger reef inhabitants. The May charters coincide with the best viewing times for manta rays, sharks and Whale Sharks. The week will be spent aboard the Maldives Aggressor II, with departure from the port in Male. There will be a maximum of 22 passengers for each departure.

Departure Dates

  • 7th May 2023 - 1 cabin left, twin only

  • 14th May 2023 - a selection of cabins available

Bookings: Email Mandy at

Maldives Reef Marine Life
Maldives Aggressor II
Maldives Reef Marine Life



  • Suite $3420 pp

  • Deluxe $2720 pp

  • Twin $2580 pp

Suite Stateroom
Twin Statesroom
Deluxe Statesroom
Cabin ensuite

Room Details


  • There are 11 staterooms. Maximum of 22 passengers.


Suite Stateroom

  • A comfortable stateroom with a queen bed (for couples only) with a private head and shower and panoramic window. All with individual climate control, monitor with media player and hair dryer.

  • Room 7

  • Room size 21' 3" x 14'

  • Queen bed 63' x 80'


Deluxe Stateroom

  • Staterooms have a private head and shower and picture window. All with individual climate control, monitor with media player and hair dryer.

  • Room size 14' 4" x 10' 5"

  • Stateroom 8 & 9 single bed 39" x 80" (option to create a king bed)

  • Stateroom 10 & 11 queen bed 63" x 80" (couples only)


Twin Stateroom

  • A comfortable stateroom with two twin beds. Private head and shower, porthole windows individual climate control, monitor with media player and hair dryer.

  • Rooms 1,2,3,4,5 and 6

Dive Itinerary



Lankan Beyru (Manta Point) - The main attraction of the site are manta rays coming to the cleaning station during the southwest monsoon. The dive site is relatively easy to access, with small currents and is very often considered as a good dive to start the week. The cleaning station itself is a large coral block covered with anemones and full of fish life. It is also very common to come across whitetip reef sharks, turtles and napoleons.

Rasfari Corner - Large and shallow plateaus (10 - 20 ft) on the west side of the atoll, right next to the wide lagoon of Rasfari. It is covered with hard corals and hosts a cleaning station during the northeast monsoon. The most common way to do the dive here is to start on top of the reef, which is protected from the currents and after spending some time with the mantas continue the dive towards the wall that drops down to about 75 feet. The wall is nicely covered with hard corals, rich with fish life and popular with turtles.


Kandooma Thila - Definitely number one in the ranking of the best dive sites in South Male atoll. Long thila, located in the middle of the channel, offers spectacular conditions to observe grey reef sharks, whitetip reef sharks, eagle rays, big schools of jacks and snappers both with incoming and outgoing current. North side of the pinnacle is nicely covered with soft corals with the top of the reef being home to many reef fish and green turtles. This area can have lots of current.

Rasdhoo Madivaru - Channel dive between Rasdhoo island and Madivaru offering a spectacular ridge facing the ocean to observe grey reef sharks, whitetip reef sharks, eagle rays and large dogtooth tunas. More pelagics are visible during strong incoming currents, the use of current hooks is advisable. The ridge dropping down to 150 feet on the outside, expands to a sandy bottom inside the channel where it is common to see stingrays.

If dived during the first rays of the sun, with incoming current and a bit of luck it is possible to encounter hammerhead sharks. In this case the dive starts in the blue. Depending on the air consumption guests will dive on the ridge and then drift into the channel.



Maaya Thila - The thila (a pinnacle) is about 240 ft wide in diameter and is considered one of the best night dives in the Maldives. Top reef at 15 feet makes it easy to access even with current. The upcurrent side is always very active and busy with fusiliers and snappers. Big jack fish, whitetip reef sharks, stingrays and moray eels can be spotted easily. Some overhangs around the thila provide shelter for turtles. Even though it has a reputation for a night dive it is also quite popular during the day. A few separated coral blocks south of the thila create a tunnel and are full of beautiful coral bushes. With the right current this is a place to spot grey reef sharks. Due to its exposure to the currents it offers rich presence of fauna and flora. Big schools of jacks and fusiliers on the upcurrent side as well as difficult to count amount of blue striped snappers hiding from strong currents inside the overhangs all around the thila are the highlights of the place. It is also popular with grey reef sharks, schools of barracudas and dogtooth tunas in the blue as well as turtles and moray eels on the top reef. With strong currents negative entry is recommended and current hooks should be ready to use.

Bathalaamaagaa Kanthila - Long coral ridge in the middle of a channel, extended from the outer reef and sloping gradually down to 25 meters and deeper offering good conditions for observing grey reef sharks, whitetip reef sharks, eagle rays and napoleons as well as schools of jacks and fusiliers. The dive site is active during both incoming and outgoing currents but might be more challenging during outgoing currents of northeast monsoon. Negative entry required and divers are recommended to hide below the depth of the top reef to protect from the current. Current hooks strongly recommended.



Moofushi Kandu (Manta Point) - Drift dive with a chance to see manta rays hovering over the cleaning stations at a depth of around 40-75 feet. If mantas are spotted it is recommended to use current hooks and stay around the cleaning station for a longer time. The dive site is quite popular during the northeast monsoon. Whitetip reef sharks are common visitors around the deeper part of the cleaning station with blue striped snappers and fusiliers being permanent residents.

Kudarah Thila - The thila is a part of the Marine Protected Area and is often considered the most beautiful site of the atoll with exceptional diving conditions. Overhangs rich in sea fans and the top reef nicely covered with healthy soft corals are the highlights. It is also known for big schools of blue striped and midnight snappers, fusiliers and jacks. It is worth it to have a dive light and look inside small caves where often you will find large grouper hiding.

Kudhimaa Wreck - The Kudhimaa Wreck is a 150 feet long cargo ship lying on a sandy bottom at around 90 feet. It was sunk in 1998 and already offers beautiful coral growth and a large variety of species living on it. Nurse sharks, batfish, stone fish, lion fish and moray eels are permanent residents and can be spotted around the wreck. There are a few entrances allowing to penetrate the cargo hall as well as the wheelhouse. The site is nicely protected from the current.

Maamigili Beyru (Whaleshark search) - Located on the southern tip of Ari atoll within the Marine Protected Area of South Ari atoll. Shallow and very easy dive which might turn into a very exciting one as it is known as the best location in the Maldives for spotting Whale Sharks. Whale Sharks can be seen cruising along the reef all year round. Once spotted from the surface, divers enter the water, go down and start swimming along with them.  



Miyaru Kandu - One of the channel dives that you don’t want to miss. With strong incoming current the list of possible encounters is impressive. Mainly grey reef sharks but also whitetip reef sharks, eagle rays, napoleons and tunas are quite common and with the visibility reaching 120 feet during the northeast monsoon it can be the highlight of the trip.

Alimatha House Reef - This is considered one of the best night dives in the Maldives. Every night there is a show performed by a big number of nurse sharks, stingrays and massive jacks. Definitely not to be missed.

Maldives Aggressor Map

The Maldives Aggressor II


The Maldives Aggressor II is built and powered for comfort, safety and stability. She is diesel powered and cruises at 12 knots, has a beautiful spacious salon, sundeck, chaise lounges, deck chairs, bar, and grill.

She accommodates 22 passengers in 11 staterooms. Lower deck staterooms have portholes in the cabin and bathrooms. Upper deck staterooms have picture windows and portholes in bathrooms. The suite stateroom is located on the main deck with panoramic windows. All staterooms have a private bathroom  with shower, closet, porthole, hairdryers and individual AC climate controls. The yacht has 110 volt and 220 volt at the camera charging and computer stations. For use of 110 in other areas, we suggest guests bring USA 110 to 220 twin pin socket adapters. The cruise director has a safe to keep valuables such as passports, cash, credit cards or anything else you would like to store.

There is a variety of nightly entertainment, including diving, fish identification presentations, movies, games and more. If you have a favorite movie or digital presentation to share, we encourage you to bring it along. The staff especially loves new releases of movies, recent magazines and books. A small library of books for exchange is maintained onboard as well as fish identification books for reference.

Maldives Aggressor II
Maldives Aggressor II
Maldives Aggressor II
Maldives Aggressor II
Maldives Aggressor II
Maldives Aggressor II

Dive Information

  • All dives are from the Dhoni, a spacious and fully equipped 60 ft, 28 passenger skiff.

  • Average of up to 18 dives on a 7 night itinerary.

Dhoni skiff
Dhoni skiff
Scuba Oxygen Tank

Yacht Specifications

Built and maintained to the specifications of the local regulatory agencies and the regulations of the country of the flag.

  • Length: 135 ft

  • Beam: 28

  • Passengers: 22

  • Staterooms: 11

Deck Plan

Maldives Aggressor II Deck Plan

What is included

  • All meals, snacks and beverages are included.

  • Average of up to 18 dives on a 7 night itinerary.

What is not included


  • Airfare to the Maldives not included*

  • Travel insurance**

  • Each guest must pay a Port Fee of USD $340 for a 7-night cruise plus a $270 fuel surcharge (7-nights) at the end of the charter when settling your bill. This fee includes the Green Tax, GST, park and other local usage fees. All items purchased on board are subject to a 22% Maldives tax. Guests may settle their onboard bill by paying with Visa, MasterCard, US Dollars, Euros or Rufiyaa. There is a 3.5% fee on payments made using credit cards. The yacht does not accept personal checks or traveler checks. If paying in cash, all bills (1's, 5's, 10's, 20's etc) must not have any rips and the larger bills must have the security stripe in/on them, otherwise, Dubai, Malé, (and surrounding areas) and the Maldives Aggressor II cannot accept them.


* Mandy can arrange and book all your pre and post cruise travel requirements.

** Travel insurance is highly recommended. Mandy can provide insurance options.

Additional information

  • Boarding: Sunday 4 p.m.

  • Check out: Sunday 8 a.m.

  • Water temperature varies from 80F, 27C in the wet season to 86F, 30C in dry season.

  • 3mm wet suit recommended.

  • Please read the following documentation from Aggressor - Know Before You Go

Maldives marine life
Maldives marine life
Maldives marine life


Q - How do we book this?

A -  Please get in touch with Mandy at

Q - Can you book everything we need for this trip?

A - Yes, we can book airfares, accommodation and anything else you may want to do before and after your dive trip.

Q - Is insurance necessary?

A - Yes, we highly recommend you get insurance.

Q - What insurance options are available?

A - We can provide you with a policy that will cover you if you are sick and can’t travel at the time of the cruise, this will give you back 100% of your monies paid with medical certificate from Doctor, there are also other conditions that this policy pays on. A Policy will be provided with all the conditions for you. Your age and the cost of your cabin determines this cost.

Cancel for Any Reason Insurance is also possible, but this insurance must be purchased at time of deposit. It will cover you at 80% of the money you have paid out, but it will allow you to cancel for Any Reason. Your age and the cost of your cabin determines this cost. This is more slightly expensive that the medical insurance coverage above.

Maldives marine life
Maldives marine life
Maldives marine life
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