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7 nights, Bonaire

​November 1st to 8th, 2023

Belmar Luxury Oceanfront Apartments from $759.38 per person + flights

Join us for some tropical sun, relaxation and fantastic diving at Belmar Oceanfront Apartments in Bonaire. Experience spectacular diving conditions and marine life in Bonaire, one of the best shore diving destinations in the world. Spend the week with other divers and make the most of unlimited shore diving in warm, calm water with excellent visibility and great company. There is the option to extend the diving trip for 14 nights. Pricing and details are below.

Bookings: Email Mandy at

Diving in Bonaire
Diving in Bonaire


  • Pricing for four people sharing a 2 bedroom apartment is $759.38 per person

  • If you want to stay for another week diving, the price is the same, $759.38 per person.

  • Pricing for own room is available, please ask.

  • Pricing for non-diving partners is $564.38 per person/per week.

What is included



  • Classic Superior 2 Bedroom apartments, absolute beachfront


Package Pricing includes

  • Airport transfers

  • Pickup Trucks to use the entire time on island

  • Unlimited shore diving (Dive as much as you like)

  • Nitrox or Air

What is not included


  • Airfare to Bonaire is not included*

  • No meals are included. We can arrange a breakfast provision package for you on arrival.**

  • Rental dive gear is additional if you do not bring your own.

Add ons available:

  • Boat dives available at $100 per person for a 2 tank dive***

  • Night dives are $45 per person payable direct


* You can book air to Bonaire anytime mid December onwards, or email

** Trucks are available for transport to local supermarkets and all apartments have full kitchen facilities. There are great restaurants on the island to enjoy.

*** Shore diving is amazing in Bonaire, there is no no need for boats unless you want to see Klein Bonaire.



Accommodation is at Belmar Oceanfront Apartments located on the south end of Bonaire. Each apartment has a fully equipped kitchen, private porches and patios with ocean views, and air conditioning. You're so close to the beachfront you might spot a pod of dolphins while eating breakfast. The small intimate resort has a swimming pool, two piers that provide access to a private house reef, an onsite fully stocked dive shop, and extensive diving opportunities. You can shore dive from the resort any time of the day.

Belmar Bonaire Oceanfront Apartments
Belmar Bonaire Oceanfront Apartments
Belmar Bonaire Oceanfront Apartments
Belmar Oceanfront Apartments
Belmar Oceanfront Apartments
Belmar Oceanfront Apartments


Q - I'd like to know more about the weeks itinerary.

A - The best way to learn more is to read our blog article about our Bonaire Dive Trip in 2022. You'll find out about the weeks itinerary and other information.


Q - How do we book this?

A -  Please get in touch with Mandy at Mandy can book all your flights and accommodation for no extra charge.

Q - We would like our own room.

A - This can be arranged, please get in touch with Mandy at

Q - Can you book everything we need for this trip?

A - Yes, we can book airfares and accommodation and anything else you may want to do whilst on Bonaire. Mandy can book you a sunset catamaran tour, diving over on Klein Bonaire, you name it, she can organize it for you. Please get in touch with Mandy at for available activities and to book all aspects of this trip.

Q. I haven't done shore diving before, how does it work?

A - With shore diving you drive from each dive site in your rental vehicle with all the gear you need. You can dive multiple times a day. It is at your pace and even better, it’s on your schedule. Most dive centers will allow you to take 2 tanks, then come back to drop off the empty tanks, and pick up new ones.


You can dive as many times as you like, following those rules. You can’t, for example, take 4 tanks each, they will not normally allow that. This is too many tanks in a vehicle and they need to be back so they can be refilled and used again.

Q - I want to learn to dive. Is this possible on this trip?

A - Yes, we can help you learn to dive. Please get in touch with Mandy at to discuss your options. We will adjust your package to be a learn to dive package instead of what is offered, very easy to do.

Q - My partner doesn’t dive. What can they do while I’m away diving?

A - Bonaire has many activities for visitors, for example you can visit Lac Bay for Windsurfing or any beach activity, kayaking etc. Kite City for Kite Surfing, ​visit the Donkey Sanctuary, 4wd tour around Washington Slaagbai National Park, land sailing (like a boat but on land), buggy tours, rent a golf cart and self drive, you can go shopping downtown, and there are amazing restaurants.

Q - What kind of food do the supermarkets stock?

A - Just like the USA, Bonaire has normal grocery stores, 2 main ones and then a few smaller ones. They have everything. You can get wine and beer from supermarkets, spirits from a separate store.

Q. What kind of restaurants are there on Bonaire?

A - Dining options range from fast food through to expensive dining, and cater for all type of cuisine. If you're after chain restaurants there are only two, KFC and Subway. The fast food trucks offer all types of great takeaway options. There are many restaurants to choose from, with delicious dining options and something for everyone. We recommend booking in advance to avoid disappointment. It can get busy at the more popular restaurants.

Helpful restaurant information can be found at here:

Q - Do the restaurants cater for food allergies and preferences such as gluten-free, dairy free, vegetarian, vegan?

A - Yes, as long as you advise them, they can cater for any preferences.

Q - I can’t make these dates, but I want to come to Bonaire and dive. Can I do the same trip on my own?

A - Yes, you can come to Bonaire on an independent trip at any time. Please get in touch with Mandy at for details.

Bonaire Marine Life


We're always documenting our diving expeditions with photos and videos.  Enjoy this selection from our underwater adventures and know that if you come diving in Bonaire this is exactly what you'll see. It's no wonder Bonaire is such popular dive location when you can dive and see this 365 days a year.

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